Project and team leadership

Great software starts with great leadership. Netgroup offers unique project and team leadership services to keep your software projects running smoothly. These services focus on integrating our knowledge and experience into your organization's existing culture and style. Leadership takes on many forms, as can be seen in the examples below.

  • Project management & team leadership.
  • Project and outsourcing oversight.
  • Failed project turnaround.
  • Arbitration and technical dispute resolution.
  • Completely customized technology training by Ph.D.s and industry experts.
Management consulting
Your organization relies on software technology for its most critical functions. But what about tomorrow? Let us help you stay ahead of the rapidly changing technology curve by working with your management team to evaluate your company's current use of software technology, report on what's working and what's not, and develop a plan for driving your business forward. Whether your focus is on the branch, division, region, or company-wide level, we can help. Don't just keep up with today's innovations—harness them and keep your software systems running at their full potential with Netgroup management consulting services.
  • Vendor and product evaluation, selection, and integration.
  • IT strategy development and execution.
  • Technology assessment and planning.
  • Project coordination and oversight.
  • Expert witness services.
Advanced software development
Netgroup's advanced software development services enable developers, teams, and organizations to understand and take advantage of changing technology. These services are intended for innovators who want to push the known limits of software technology and make full use of cutting edge advances in order to succeed in the marketplace. We work in unison with your project teams to educate, recommend, execute, and deliver so that your teams succeed where others fail.
  • On-site or off-site software development for desktop, mobile, web, server, cloud, and embedded systems.
  • State-of-the-art technology creation through applied research.
  • Expertise in numerous programming languages, environments, and development platforms.
  • Algorithm analysis, design, and implementation.
  • Performance analysis and tuning.
  • Resolving computationally challenging, complex, and intractable problems.
Scenario 1: Keeping Up With Technology


You're aware that today's software is capable of learning, reasoning, sensing, understanding, strategizing, reacting, and making critical business decisions. You want to harness this technology to build amazing solutions, but don't know where to start. You need to understand the technology options, benefits, limitations, risks, and costs to implement. You also need reliable information and the proper resources for making decisions.




Today's software innovations are indeed truly amazing, but there are many technologies and much detail to consider. Many of the technologies are extensive enough to be considered their own disciplines. Net Group can help you cut through the technology thicket by explaining the options, guiding you toward the right choices for your situation, and helping you and your team utilize them correctly and effectively in your software implementations.


Scenario 2: Unsolvable Problems and Intractable Solutions




Your project attempts to solve a critical problem for your business through software. Although the problem is easy to understand and explain, you've discovered that the solution is elusive. You suspect that the problem is undecidable, too difficult to solve, or cannot be solved efficiently. Meantime, your team has been spinning its wheels on solutions that don't work and there has been no progress in the last couple weeks.




Net Group can analyze your specific problem and help you get down to the bottom of the issue. It's not your imagination: some of the world's most critical business problems are ostensibly simple, but actually have no efficient solution and sometimes even no solution at all. Through the use of advanced techniques like heuristics and abstraction, effective and efficient solutions can still be possible through less obvious means.

Scenario 3: The Burning Platform

Your team has spent many years maintaining and improving an existing application, but the technology is outdated and the hardware soon won't be supported. Eventually it will have to be completely redesigned from the beginning. Your team knows the old software and the business logic, but isn't familiar with the newer technologies that have recently emerged. You need to know what's available to solve your existing business problems less expensively and more efficiently.




Net Group can not only educate your staff about software technologies relevant to your project, organization, and business circumstances, but we can also roll up our sleeves and help you execute. This means completely customized training plans, solid unbiased advice concerning the benefits and drawbacks of design decisions, and providing both support and full hands-on involvement in all aspects of the project—not just high level advice.


Scenario 4: Performance Issues




You have made reasonable attempts to keep your application time-efficient. Now that the software has been fully implemented and is now being tested, performance problems have become strikingly apparent. Although the team has already addressed the more obvious issues, it seems that the algorithms simply cannot be implemented efficiently enough to satisfy your users or business partners. The problems that have been identified seem inherent to the design and could possibly require a major re-write to fix.




Net Group can show your team how to increase application performance, often without breaking the bank or re-implementing major sections of code. Although algorithmic complexity is often the problem, efficiency can also be destroyed by several factors outside the scope of the application source code, such as operating system configuration, garbage collection policies, and CPU pipelining issues. Let us put our performance knowledge and experience to work for your project.


The considerable majority of Net group’s research remains unpublished, both due to the desire to maintain proprietary trade secrets, and due to the trade-off between spending time writing papers versus spending time directly pursuing R&D. In particular, very little of our practical research on pattern recognition, data analysis or natural language processing has been published or publicly discussed.


However, we have published a number of papers discussing aspects of our longer-term research on Artificial General Intelligence, and our work on virtual agent control, and a few of these are linked here. 


If you have hard problems that need solving that you think may be addressable via Net Group  —  please contact us via email and let’s explore how we may work together.  

Startup Financing
There is money available for those who are starting a business. You just have to know where to look and think strategically and creatively. Our uniquely qualified Financial Specialists provide services that enhance and maximize the value of our client’s assets and working capital.  We fully understand that it can be very intimidating when approaching lenders and investors for your funding needs. Netgroup Associates has a nationwide network of lenders and investors to assist you in acquiring funding for your business or project.